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School camp

We are a good starting point for local activities such as canoeing, hiking, cycling, shopping etc.

Hostel and cottages

A safe and easy choice with countless options

From the hostel you can rent a canoe and sail directly out on Frederiksværk's canals "Mini-Venice" - here you can sail to Roskilde Fjord, a trip up to the city center or to Arresø. On Arresø it is also possible to book a trip with Frederikke, which is a large wooden ship. Here you can be lucky to meet beavers and special birds. At our hostel, we have a large garden, outdoor table tennis, playground, campfire site (for example to make "snobrød" and/or s'mores). Right next door, we have lots of fields and the gunpowder area, which today is quite harmless and is a museum.



Liseleje beach, Havtyren which is a fantastic nature playground, Torup eco-village, Hundested harbor and Sand sculptures festival or make an appointment with one of our local companies.

Easy arrival


By train or bus you can go directly to Frederiksværk station and walk to us in 10 minutes.


With us

Pajama party, beedtime stories, competitions, children's cooking - as well as children's yoga and meditation for your camp school. If there are birthdays, they will be celebrated.

Safe and child-friendly


We offer safe, hygienic facilities and catering with the environment in mind and consideration for different religions and allergy sufferers.

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